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[edit] Introduction


Tincore Keymapper is an Android application.

This application is a transformer/creator of connected periferals.

It allows you to convert or create input devices like gamepad, touchscreen, mouse etc... into a different ouput device that you physically don't have on your tablet, phone, hdmi tv stick etc... 

Devices can internal or connected though USB, Bluetooth or networked.

[edit] Installation

Main Page: Installation

How to install and basic setup

[edit] Usage

Main Page: Usage

  • Generate screen touches with a gamepad. So you can play touch only games more comfortably.
  • Use your telephone or tablet as remote control for your Android TV stick.
  • Create a mouse with your gamepad or keys from a keyboard.
  • Remap keys from a keyboard. Make them do different functions.
  • Convert sections of a touch screen into gamepad sticks, buttons, mouse touchpad...
  • Use your wiimote as pointer device.
  • Combine two gamepads into one so two players with two controllers can share one game. (Mame reloaded case)
  • Use accelerometer as a joystick or mouse.
  • Convert mouse to touchscreen pointer. Make your mouse simulate your finger. There are a number of applications that dont react to mouse. 
  • Recalibrate faulty sticks.

[edit] Configuration

Main page: Configuration

Details on how to configure the application

Profiles page: Profiles

How to create a profile

[edit] Add-Ons

Main Page: Add Ons

[edit] Compatibility and Hardware Notes

Main page: Compatibility

Indications on how to use and setup the application

If you have a gamepad with a non working right stick or strange button codes I would need some extra information to make it work fine with the mapper.

Main page: GamepadReport

[edit] Usual issues

In general pay attention to dialogs displayed by the mapper on first execution.


If using Lollipop make sure selinux is in permissive mode.

You can use this app to switch modes: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mrbimc.selinux&hl=es

Also in Lollipop you need toenable a new Tincore accesibility setting if you want the mapper to detect which application is running


If you are not rooted you will not be able to simulate screen touches or other gamepads. This is impossible without root.

If you are not rooted only gamepads that can be connected through USB-OTG can be detected also some BT gamepads can be detected.

[edit] CRASHES

There is an Android bug related to accesibility services that makes the app crash some times and on some firmwares (For instance Nexus 5). Try disablin non essential accesibility services.


If you did not grant root access the first time the app is started it is possible that some preconfigurations take place. If you grant root access access after is is possible that these preconfigurations affect device detection. In general I would recommend to wipe app data or reinstall the app if you are in this scenario. 

[edit] Help and support

Usually the best is that you send me a report from the app itself. That will give me detailed information of your setup. Preferably have your devices connected.

  1. Open the mapper
  2. Open mapper menu
  3. Click on About or Help. That opens a dialog
  4. Click on Contact me. That generates an email that you can send me. Add extra details at the bottom or top of that email

If you have any other questions send me an email to


There is a support forum but it is useful mainly for beta subscription.


[edit] Download

[edit] Android App

  1. [Google Play] Google play store download page 
  2. [Mega] Recent beta (for latest subscribe on google play)

[edit] PC/Mac Server

Instructions Network

  1. [Download] Most recent

[edit] Betas  

To download betas you need to: 

  1. Subscribe to the support forum at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/tincore-contact 
  2. Subcribe to betas at https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.tincore.and.keymapper

[edit] Changelog

Main page: Changelog

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