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If there is anything that you still dont understand, the application does not do what is explained on this tutorial or you would like another tutorial for another topic just contact me.

This tutorial will show what to expect when the application is started.

Startt the application by clicking the icon.


You will see a loading dialog that will describe the boot steps.

If root access is not granted and your device is rooted you will see at this moment the root dialog. Grant access if you want root functionalities like touch simulation. 


The overlay will be then displayed. The application is still loading!

It is partially transparent. You can tune the colors if you want.

On the left side you see the setup area. You can show and hide the setup area tapping on the background. You can move it around with the finger or a mouse by dragging the header. 

On the top of the setup area (header) you see the name of the currently loaded profile. A profile is a combination of mappings that you usually asociate with an application.

Near the profile there is a tick. It is used to apply profile. This is the way to make the currently edited profile active. 

Just under it you see 5 icons that are quick functions.

  1. Save profile
  2. Delete profile
  3. Discover hardware
  4. Configurations
  5. Exit

Then you will see OUT:DEVICE. There you will select the device to where the mappings are sent. By default it is your own device (LOCAL) but it could be a NETWORK DEVICE if network servers searcg is enabled.

You can scroll down to access the functions.

Between OUT: DEVICE and the functions you will see the detected devices. 

Because the application is still loading you still do not see any.


After a few instants you see the first detected device. In this case it is a gamepad called ADC JOYSTICK.

When the application is started there is an automated input devices search.

This means that if you have an USB/OTG gamepad, keyboard, mouse, touchpad... connected it will be automatically added. I recommend that you connect it before starting the application. Other embedded input devices can be also detected, Bluetooth gamepads that are pairing while the application is started can be automatically added as well.

Sensors, webcams, network and other special types of devices are disabled by default. You need to activate them in the configuration section. 

If you add or remove a device after the application is started you can press on discover hardware (search icon) again.


Now you are ready to do your first mapping. Check another tutorial from the list to continue.

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